Spring & Soda Bread

One of my classmates gave a speech on bread. Oh, I love that there are other college girls that are passionate about handmaking and that I’m not the only girl out there daydreaming about things like kneading bread dough!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those foodie type of people who are obsessed with cuisine and organic everything. It’s more along the lines of a Laura Ingalls Wilder obsession, the prairie and handmade. I’ve probably been reading too many homsteading blogs.  (:

Spring just reminds me that there is just something so satisfying about production. There is so much gratification in making something from nothing.

And now that I’m typing it all out I’m realizing that maybe Spring just reminds me of my Creator. Bleak days are gone and I’m reminded that I too was meant to create. Simple as that.


About Bethany

I'm a small town girl going to school in the twin cities. This little blog is mostly just a space for me to ramble and to catalogue my findings and current obsessions.
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