Dorm Sweet Dorm…

 As this school year is coming to a close, I’ll confess that I’ve already been planning and dreaming about color schemes, fabrics and layout for my new dorm home this fall…

My future roomie and I went on a thrifting adventure a picked out some pretty floral vintage dishes and wall art for next year. (Thank you Salvation Army!) We also found some pretty metal tray’s. I think we’ll use them for our tea/coffee space next year. Although after seeing this tray I’m in the mood for a DIY!

Each year I love the challenge of making an empty dorm space into a functional, homey retreat. My lovely future roommate is completely on board, which is a change from my previous experiences! I’m excited to see what we come up with… hopefully by then I’ll have a working camera and can post photos of my thrifting finds and adventures in the Twin Cities.

Here are some images that fuel my ideas and daydreaming… click the images to visit their sweet blog homes. (:

 xoXO, Bethany


About Bethany

I'm a small town girl going to school in the twin cities. This little blog is mostly just a space for me to ramble and to catalogue my findings and current obsessions.
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